Let’s discuss how you would like to present yourself in your professional portraits.

As the head marketer for the brand „You“, your headshots are a critical component of your personal branding. They provide potential clients with a glimpse of who you are before they even meet you in person.

To ensure that you feel at ease in front of the camera, we will first get to know each other and your business. This will allow us to determine the type of images that will best represent you and your brand. I will also take the time to explain the process of the photo shoot, so you know what to expect.

During our consultation, we will discuss your preferred styling, makeup, and wardrobe. Our professional hair and makeup artist will work with you to create a polished and beautiful look that will enhance your best features and create a cohesive branding image.

The final portraits will showcase your unique personality and style, creating images that are anything but boring headshots.