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14mm & Leica SL2S

Utilizing a 14mm lens on a Leica camera for people photography introduces a distinctive, immersive perspective. This combination captures subjects within their surroundings, adding depth and drama to the images. The lens is particularly effective for environmental portraits and dynamic street scenes. However, photographers must be mindful of potential distortions, especially in close-up shots. Despite these considerations, the 14mm lens encourages creative experimentation, challenging traditional portraiture and offering a fresh narrative approach. Overall, it opens up new possibilities for visually engaging storytelling in people photography.

Please watch the 14mm  short here

Observing the observer (Paris Photo 2023)

Within the bustling ambiance of the Paris Photo Fair, my lens delves into the captivating dynamics between individuals and the visual narratives that captivate them. “Observing the Observer” is a project that shifts focus from the curated artworks to the people immersed in this visual tapestry.

This series captures candid moments of individuals engrossed in their contemplative journey through the curated photographic masterpieces. The camera becomes a silent storyteller, revealing the diverse human reactions to the visual symphony surrounding them.

Faces aglow with gallery lights, expressions ranging from quiet introspection to animated discussion, the project highlights the symbiotic relationship between the observer and the observed. “Observing the Observer” challenges traditional art documentation, emphasizing the living, breathing audience as integral players in the aesthetic drama.

As viewers traverse the corridors of the Paris Photo Fair, they become subjects themselves—integral components in the unfolding drama of aesthetics and perception. This project invites you to explore the nuanced interplay between the seen and the seer, pondering the beauty that emerges when the observer becomes an observed work of art in themselves.

You can watch all the photos here on my YouTube chanel.


Hommage to David LaChapelle

I believe it was in 2018 when my wonderful wife managed to visit a book signing with David and got my collection signed!