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Kalahari desert

In 2013 I had the chance to visit South Africa (more photos will follow) and our first stop was the Kalahari desert. We made a bio break and I was outside the car and suddenly out of nothing the spotted  hyena appears just 20m away from me. Even though it was an extremely dangerous encounter, I was quite relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of nature and this wild animal. The bite force is 920 kp, a Lion has 650 kp and a German Shepherd 230 kp. They live in packs up to 130 animals … Of course I was glad that she run away …

A short visit to Almada

A couple of days ago I had the chance to do a quick visit to Almada. Very interesting area also a bit scary, there wasn’t a single person on the street, but I definitely will go back there.

Deep Porto

Walking through Porto in January with my M9M.



Back to analog

In the beginning of 2019 I bought a Leica R7 at the Leica store in Porto. I believe it was the Portuguese vibes that made me believe I’m chilled enough to work analog.

Two days later I found a workshop about analog development in Lisbon. When I arrived, the film didn’t come out properly and was spoilt … So I had 20 minutes to shoot one roll to participate in the workshop. 20 minutes for 36 photos. These are the results.

I still do analog photography and I upgraded to medium format, using a Mamiya 645.

Hommage to Helmut Newton