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Kalahari desert

In 2013 I had the chance to visit South Africa (more photos will follow) and our first stop was the Kalahari desert. We made a bio break and I was outside the car and suddenly out of nothing the spotted  hyena appears just 20m away from me. Even though it was an extremely dangerous encounter, I was quite relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of nature and this wild animal. The bite force is 920 kp, a Lion has 650 kp and a German Shepherd 230 kp. They live in packs up to 130 animals … Of course I was glad that she run away …

Deep Porto

Walking through Porto in January with my M9M.


Be yourself in front of the camera … I love taking pictures but this kind of photography is what I like most … thank you very much my friend …
(please turn on sound by right clicking on the video)


Early morning light

This shooting took place quite early in the morning when the air is still fresh and the sun gives you hard shadows. We were both quite relaxed and the model is not a friend of many words so it was just a really cool work.

Back to analog

In the beginning of 2019 I bought a Leica R7 at the Leica store in Porto. I believe it was the Portuguese vibes that made me believe I’m chilled enough to work analog.

Two days later I found a workshop about analog development in Lisbon. When I arrived, the film didn’t come out properly and was spoilt … So I had 20 minutes to shoot one roll to participate in the workshop. 20 minutes for 36 photos. These are the results.

I still do analog photography and I upgraded to medium format, using a Mamiya 645.

Hommage to Helmut Newton