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The many faces of boudoir …

In the quiet solitude of the shower, she stands confidently, her inked stories glistening with water droplets. Proudly embracing her adorned skin, each tattoo tells a tale of resilience, self-expression, and personal triumphs. As the water cascades over her, she stands tall, a symbol of empowerment, unapologetically celebrating her body and the art that adorns it. With every drop, she revels in the beauty of her individuality, finding strength in the visual poetry that speaks of her journey, challenges, and the unyielding pride she holds for herself.

Please watch the short here

14mm & Leica SL2S

Utilizing a 14mm lens on a Leica camera for people photography introduces a distinctive, immersive perspective. This combination captures subjects within their surroundings, adding depth and drama to the images. The lens is particularly effective for environmental portraits and dynamic street scenes. However, photographers must be mindful of potential distortions, especially in close-up shots. Despite these considerations, the 14mm lens encourages creative experimentation, challenging traditional portraiture and offering a fresh narrative approach. Overall, it opens up new possibilities for visually engaging storytelling in people photography.

Please watch the 14mm  short here

Wabi Sabi